HepC – Superinfection’s Technology Platform and Intellectual Property

HepC – Superinfection has an issued US patent No. 8,398,969 and issued EU patent No. EP2101797 for the IBDV technology and related treatment of viral hepatitis. HepC – Superinfection is the sole owner of the IP. This invention discloses a novel apathogenic viral strain. The preferred viral strain of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) is specifically characterized in terms of structure and biological activities. The invention also provides recombinant IBDV viral vectors for the inclusion of exogenous nucleic acid sequences enhancing the viral replication inhibitory effect of the virus of the invention. Furthermore, the invention also provides claims to treat other viral infections not relating to viral hepatitis.

No patent of comparable competing technology or method has been issued as of present time, hence HepC – Superinfection has full freedom to operate.

Commercial exploitation will be achieved by granting a license to a multinational pharmaceutical company for an agreed period of time, HepC – Superinfection receiving royalties from the drug sales.